I have small restroom I want to decorate in wood & black metal- tips?

I’m not so crafty or a good decorat

  • Beth Ladnier
    Beth Ladnier
    on Jun 25, 2018

    I'm not a professional but here are my two cents... If it's a small room, the wood will make it seem smaller so maybe just limited amounts of wood. I'd maybe paint the room a light color and use wood planks or panelling on one wall and use black accessories and (perhaps) fixtures. I think a gray wood would look excellent with the black. Post some before and after pics!! I'd love to see what you came up with!

    • Ony28289304
      on Jun 25, 2018

      I agree with Beth, doing all the walls wpuld make it feel smaller. A great place for free wood is pallets. There are many for free listed on Craig's list. The board aren't even in thickness, but it adds character. Maybe do a white or grey wash by mixing paint and water in equal parts then rubbing it on the wood with a dry brush or a rag. If using pallet wood you will need to sand it down with a med then fine sandpaper. A cheap way for the fixtures: pick up some fixtures at the Reuse store, remove the glass, lightly sand and paint with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint. That will make ugly colored fixtures look amazing. Oil rubbed bronze is a super dark brownish black, more natural and expensive looking than straight black. Best of luck! Please post before and aftet pics when you're done.