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Asked on Jul 12, 2018

A special lazy susan- how can I make this?

Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CALina Splichal


In the Disney show, Stuck in the Middle, the 'scientist' girl created a lazy susan to work in the center of a rectangular table for a large family. It looks like a series of round disks on a track and carries the dishes of food around the table. Does anyone know how to make this?

2 answers
  • Lina Splichal
    on Jul 16, 2018

    Get a heavy duty train set and refashion the train cars to hold your serving dishes.

  • Well I do not watch Disney, nor have the Disney channel. Sounds interesting, but I see drawbacks. The track would need to be inlaid into the top of the table, so you need a pretty hefty table to begin with to route out the channel for a track. Food, dirt and yuck is going to get in that track and will need to be vacuumed out after every use. Under the table will hide the mechanics and you will need a power source, which will probably be an extension cord which equals tripping hazard unless you can install an outlet underneath the table. If certainly can be done, just find a local cabinet maker to help you out if you do not have the know how with the tools.

    If you have your heart set on it, go for it! And I would certainly give Disney studios a few phone calls too, their construction crews are amazing.

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