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Asked on Jul 14, 2018

Outdoor Motion Light powered from Indoor outlet



Hello everyone - looking to tap into an outlet on a 15 amp breaker within a room in my house that doesn't have any devices plugged into the room.This outlet will be used to feed power to a security light. The light fixture will be outside right behind the new outlet which will be changed to a outlet switch combo. The light fixture will be attached to the vinyl siding of the house. The new outlet switch combo will be inside the house. The distance between the outlet switch combo and the fixture is about 8-10 inches. I want the new outlet to always be on and the switch to control (on/off/dusk to dawn settings) the security light outside. The security light will be 110 volts and 30 watts. The old outlet had two black wires on the right side and 2 white wires on the left (I think that it fed power to another outlet). After I removed this outlet this is how I plan on doing the connection. Does this seem ok?

​​​​​​Ground wires twisted together.


From light

Piggy back wire off of switch

From Main power (already had ground from other outlet crimped with it)

White wires twisted together.


From light

From Main power

From other outlet

From pigtail wire on Silver screw on outlet

Black wires


From light on brass screw on the switch

From other outlet on black screw on top right of switch

From Main power on black screw on bottom right of switch

q outdoor motion light powered from indoor outlet
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