How can i add color to my walls without painting?


I rent my townhome and I want to get some color on the wall but I do not want to paint. Any suggestions?

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  • Lori Kelly Lori Kelly on Jul 21, 2018
    Use command strips so there is no damage to the walls:-)
  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 21, 2018
    Fabric panels in frames, in any size you choose; porcelain tiles attached in a frame, sea glass, etc.
  • Lorraine Lorraine on Jul 21, 2018

    You can put fabric directly onto walls with starch, but I’m not sure what kind, better utube this or check Pintrest and it’s completely removable! Also those peel and stick designs are great! I’ve got birds and this is they’re second usage! This time I only put a few on a pillar and added a real spray painted branch.

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    • Lorraine Lorraine on Aug 04, 2018

      I thought that’s what it was, but wasn’t 100% sure. Thanks!

  • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on Jul 21, 2018

    I used a black pencil crayon and traced lattice all the way around the edge of my wall and around doors etc, it washes off as long as you make sure to use the washable type.

    You can also use washi tape as you can make some pretty designs with it and it doesn't pull paint off when removing it!

    For hanging things sticky tack and/or command hooks are great for leaving no damage to walls!

  • Nancy Burke Nancy Burke on Jul 22, 2018
    Check out "frog tape" for any designs you want to make. Much better than the blue painters tape.
  • Marc Erick Marc Erick on Jul 22, 2018
    Hi. I also rent and I did this in my living room and bedroom. You could also use scarves. Good luck and I hope this inspired you in some way 😀
  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 03, 2018

    Look for cloth shower curtains that have lovely artwork, or scenes on them. Build a lightweight frame, and cover the frame with the shower curtain. Hang with Command picture hangers. For a really artistic look, divide the shower curtain into 3 parts, and build a tryptic! Cut the shower curtain up into squares, or rectangles and put them back together on a wall after you have put them on their frames! You'll cover more wall space- great for a hallway, and really look artsy! These shower curtains come in many gorgeous colors and patterns. I've seen pretty ones at Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond, as well as Amazon. You can name your price. Let everyone here at Hometalk see your work when you are done! Good luck!

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