Asked on Aug 4, 2018

How to frame pictures that are not a standard size?

Katie LaveryTanya KeelPat


I have several pictures printed on 1/4" foamboard and none are a standard size. I do not have the ability to cut my own wood to construct them. I need to frame them inexpensively. Any suggestions?

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  • Janice
    on Aug 4, 2018

    Hi Ginny, you could purchase several frames that will fit the largest picture you have and then create a paper matte to place behind the other pictures that are not as large and frame them all in the same size frame but with different sized mattes.

  • Margaret Tyler
    Margaret Tyler
    on Aug 4, 2018

    Matting is fairly inexpensive, so you could get custom cut to the size of your pictures on the inside and standard frame size on the outside.

  • Pat
    on Aug 4, 2018

    Some of our hobby shops do could inquire costs.

  • Tanya Keel
    Tanya Keel
    on Aug 4, 2018

    Go to your local Home Depot and pick out some decorative molding. Ask them if they will cut to your size specs. Wood glue and staple together, then paint. If you want a more finished look with 45 degree cuts, purchase an angle guide, a small hand saw, and some sandpaper.

  • Katie Lavery
    Katie Lavery
    on Aug 4, 2018

    Some hobby shops have frame pieces that you put together yourself. You buy the width and length you need. They come with clips for the corners. Also could you shave off the edge of the foam board without ruining the picture to make it a standard size?

    • Ginny
      on Aug 4, 2018

      That would be a great solution! Do you know what stores online sell pieces of frames in various sizes?

      I can cut the foamboard, but can not make them standard sizes.


  • Katie Lavery
    Katie Lavery
    on Aug 5, 2018

    Try Michaels or hobby lobby. I have seen them at both in the past.

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