Do peaches continue to ripen once they are picked?


I know they soften, but I am wondering about the taste.

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  • They do, sort of. Grocery store peaches are picked "green" which why having a tree is so much better! I can tell by smell and feel. See if these help you.

  • Amanda Amanda on Aug 22, 2018

    Hi Diane. Peaches will continue to ripen after they are picked.

  • Diane Dall Diane Dall on Aug 22, 2018

    Thank you for the help 🍑

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Aug 25, 2018

    Hi Diane,

    There is nothing like a freshly picked peach for flavor and texture, that being said, yes they do continue to ripen after picking.

    Some of the reason they are picked green is for shipping, they are firmer and will bruise less if shipped green, this allows them to ripen while in transit to your store. If you live where peaches do not grow well or at all this allows time for them to mature.

    Sometimes they are picked too green and when they mature they have a grainy texture and a mouth mealy feel to them, generally an "off taste". so it is hard to predict what you will get when you buy them green.

    Going to farmer's markets is a good solution where they give you samples of their products. That way you will know what you are getting.

  • Mpv26632059 Mpv26632059 on Aug 25, 2018


  • Cor32419347 Cor32419347 on Aug 25, 2018

    Yes! If they get soft you can make jam or jelly. The Sure-Gel box has the directions for jam or jelly and you will be the Queen in your house with something yummy to eat!

  • Diane Dall Diane Dall on Aug 25, 2018

    Thank you all for the great information!

  • Inez Inez on Aug 25, 2018

    I place peaches in large paper bag, place a banana 🍌 inside bag. Allow 2 days in paper bag.🍌Using a clip on paper bag. Check bag to see if they are ripened. If not, allow another 3 days. Should be juicy. Bananas gives off certain gasses to forward peaches to rippen. Works for me every time I placed fruits and veggies in a paper bag.

    Can use 🍌 peel in a gallon container. Fill with water Allow 3 days or up to 5 day's in a dark warm room. Me, I place them in corner of garage. You may also use tea bags (USED) to fertilizer garden.

  • Tina Tina on Apr 26, 2020

    Yes they continue to ripen after they are picked.

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