How do I replace a 5 ft x 8 ft section of ceiling cheaply ?


Water damage is involved from previous owner.

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  • Marc Werth Marc Werth on Sep 04, 2018

    You’ll have to find rafters from where the damage stops and cut out that section then assess it for mold and paint kills if present then cut new piece of drywall and mud it in

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Sep 04, 2018

    Bead board works great for this.

  • If the cause of the water damage has been fixed then you will need to buy a piece of drywall/sheet rock. Then will you have to cut it to size, install it by attaching it to the ceiling cross beams. Then you tape and mud the seams. Add any texture to the ceiling if there is any then paint it.

  • Lucy Marie Bernier Lucy Marie Bernier on Sep 06, 2018

    Cut out the section and replace it. Check Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes they have Sheetrock for sale.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Sep 10, 2018

    Drywall is cheap

  • Chris Stacey Chris Stacey on Sep 11, 2018

    Drywall I have. Lumber and labor is not. $60-$70 for lumber. I’m not able to do this project on my own with a bad shoulder. What range should I expect for labor?

  • Kathy Kathy on Sep 11, 2018

    Use wall board. Nail, tape, spackle sand till smooth and paint

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