Why use chalk paint?


Almost all projects that need paint are saying they use chalk paint. What’s the difference from other paint?

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  • Nancy Nancy on Sep 12, 2018

    From my own experience, chalk paint is water based. It seems to lack a sealing agent. Once dry, if you don’t seal it, it will rub off or wipe off with a damp cloth. The idea behind it is to create and older used piece that had the paint worn off through age and use. I have chalk painted some of our furniture. When done, I coated all of it with butcher’s wax. It has held up well and looks terrific.

  • Chalk paint is great because it will stick to most any surface. People like to use it because it cuts down on prep work. It has a smooth matte finish and is easily distressed. I find that a lot of people use it in areas where a different kind of paint would be more appropriate (ie:kitchen cabinets) it doesn't have the durability that other paints do because it's so easily distressed, you cannot scrub it

  • Judi1 Judi1 on Sep 12, 2018

    chalk paint usually results in a matte finish. It has plaster of paris mixed with paint and is thicker. Kilz has 12 colors by the quart and they sell the sealing wax. walmart sells it.l

  • You should also know that you don't HAVE to use wax to seal it. Wax has to be reapplied every 6 months or so. You could also use any water based clear coat like poly

  • Chalk paint gives you a smooth, silky finish. It is also easier to distress. It adheres to just about any kind of surface. Rachel is correct, you can use any sealant, you do not have to use wax.

  • Chalk Paint is super easy to use and is more “grabby” than other paints. You do not need to sand, prime or wax when using chalk paint. Not all chalk paints are created equal so make sure you try some different brands out to see which you like. If you check our Facebook page out we are constantly doing giveaways so you might just win some for free. We do have a really good “hide” factor that we add to our paint that gives it better coverage than most and it really goes a long way. I just redid our laundry room and had 8 cabinets that I painted with just one 8 oz container of paint. If you ever have any questions we are just a phone call away. Our number is 813-909-1962

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