How to stop ants?


We have a continual tiny ant invasion and seem to be coming mostly via our dishwasher which is on the garage wall, and thru floor heater vent and low outlet plug in kitchen and have used mint spray, (done in and out) vinegar, salt, and Borax powder. Nothing stops them more than a few days. Do not want toxic stuff.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Sep 21, 2018

    half borax, half sugar. mix. take a small funnel and apply around your house foundation. inside add water to the borax/ sugar mix dissolve all and dip cotton balls in the solution. place where you see the ants.

  • Fem28899428 Fem28899428 on Sep 21, 2018

    Cream of wheat.

  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Sep 21, 2018

    You will need to find out where, probably in the garage, they are getting in. You can buy diatomaceous earth in the garden section of Home Depot, or at a garden center or online. You want food grade diatomaceous earth. It is an all natural, food, pet and human safe product in a powder form. It works when they walk through it, and it gets inbetween their exoskeleton and dries them out and they die. Any insect that has an exoskeleton such as spiders, roaches, fleas, etc. will be killed using this. It comes with a puffer so that you can puff it into cracks and crevices, you can sprinkle it into your vents, behind and around appliances, and even on your countertops- it is food safe. Spread a line around the base of the walls, inside and in the garage. If it gets wet it is not effective, so you will have to put down more after you mop or wipe down your countertops. Fall is when they are making their way inside so be prepared. Good luck and hope this helps.

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    • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Sep 22, 2018

      You are so welcome. You will see fewer and fewer every day. They are bound and determined to come in, so if they attempt to come in in another spot, you know just what to do. Happy exterminating!

  • This is the most effective all-natural and homemade ant spray and method that we use and it works really well. Hope this helps. Hugs, Holly

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