What color to paint the house?

this is an aluminum house. i can keep the foundation red. instead of changing the siding what color should i paint the house? what would match the red foundation? dont forget the carport.

q what color to paint the house
q what color to paint the house
q what color to paint the house
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  • What a darling house! I like the red, consider keeping it no matter what color you choose. Do you want to stand out or blend in? A nice pale yellow with white trim would be pretty. A slate blue would also be attractive. What is prevalent in your neighborhood? Find colors you like and test them out before making a final decision.

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    • My pleasure Aretha! Use green for one of the other houses since you might not want to use it on this one. I like pink houses, think it will look pretty!

  • Hi Aretha - We have a red brick foundation and painted our siding from a boring washed-out beige to a gorgeous colonial blue, with black shutters and white trim. BUT... here's the million dollar question. What do YOU like? Drive around your neighborhood or other neighborhoods and look at houses. What are you drawn to? What color combos do you love? What are you not fond of? Then go back in another week and do the same thing. You have the answer within. This is YOUR home. Make it beautiful for you. Hugs, Holly

    • Aretha Aretha on Oct 25, 2018

      thank you holly. i dont remember what fairy tale said that 'you have the answer within' but i have to remember that. this would be a huge expensive mistake , right. i was just going to pull the siding and someone saved me a ton of money by telling to to paint it. i do love pastels. i see a bunch of tans all different shades driving around and then pops up a pastel color then a bold red. im going to take the season to do just that. thanks

  • Carol Carol on Oct 29, 2018

    A medium shade of grey w/red door (that matches the foundation). Grey is the new neutral.

    • Aretha Aretha on Oct 29, 2018

      grey with red...hmmm. yellow with red, green with red...as long as its not white. contemplating....thank you.