Asked on Dec 8, 2018

How do you create ornaments etc. with wine corks?

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I am looking for ideas for decorations with cork screws. I have made reindeer and turkeys, but need ideas. Any suggestions?

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  • Rose Broadway
    on Dec 8, 2018

    You can make some of the cutest ornaments! Have fun with it.

    • Seabuoy11
      on Dec 8, 2018

      Thank you so much! I definitely will try some of your crafts! Really cool.....

  • Dianna Zampieri
    on Dec 8, 2018

    I can't even imagine an ornament made with a cork screw! Perhaps a unicorn made like the deer but just one cork screw?

  • Sal3170064
    on Dec 8, 2018

    Paint them. Then add ribbon, and sequins and beads with tiny pins or glue to the top or widest part. Add a ribbon hanger to the top. Then add tassel to the bottom made from embroidery thread .

    You could turn them into mushrooms. Or little fairy houses.

  • Ebbjdl
    on Dec 8, 2018

    Seabouy,. Try making a Christmas tree. Use a long stick, such as a yardstick like material. Glue the first row across, up and down. Next, glue each piece onto the other with a glue gun, until it looks like a tree. Start out with maybe 3-5 across, then the next row 5-7, and so on. Hope you understand this. Spray with paint, then color each tip with different colors to look like lights. Aloha!

    • Seabuoy11
      on Dec 8, 2018

      Sounds like a great craft to try! Wish I had a picture of it. Thank you and aloha to you!

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