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Asked on Dec 9, 2018

How do I get a comprehensive house cleaning plan?

BetsyDebi53Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


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  • Tinyshoes
    on Dec 9, 2018

    Carol.....One room at a to bottom. Hope this helps!

  • Lots of lists out there. Customize these to your needs.

    Make yourself a master list. I have one for weekly chores, monthly, quarterly, semi annual and annual task list. Printed out and check it the first of each month. Then cross them off as they are completed.

    • Carol
      on Dec 11, 2018

      Thank you for your advice! Is there a way you could post your lists? Blessings!

  • Debi53
    on Dec 9, 2018

    I am not opposed to lists of daily/weekly/monthly tasks, but the best way to keep your house clean is to put things back exactly where they come from when you are finished. Don't let things get or stay cluttered. Spend 20 minutes or so at the end of each day making sure your house is tidy before you go to bed--kitchen cleaned up, laundry put away, etc. When you get up make your bed and tidy your bedroom first. When your house is tidy, it is easy to see what needs to be dusted, mopped, etc. My other piece of advice is to clean out and ruthlessly organize every cabinet, drawer, and closet. If they are a mess your house will stay a mess. Purge, toss, and contain. The less you have, the less you have to clean. If every item in your house has a specific place, you save time hunting for things and money buying things you already have. Organize your spaces by putting like with like: Put all the light bulbs together, hammers & nails together, you get the idea. I know you asked about cleaning, but for most people I find they think a cleaning list will help keep their home clean when what they really need to get rid of too much stuff, organize what is left, and learn to put things away. If that is done, cleaning the house becomes much easier.

  • Betsy
    on Dec 10, 2018

    Hi Carol: Here's what I do: In the mornings I clean on:

    Monday - kitchen and family room

    Tuesday - Bathrooms and living room

    Wednesday - My bedroom and the my son's old bedroom

    Thursday - Front bedroom (now the craft room)

    Friday - garage and/or basement This takes longer as I get involved in doing other stuff, like crafts (there's a craft room in the basement, too) or making stuff. Dangerous rooms for me, sometimes I don't emerge for hours! :)

    Saturday - laundry and whatever needs picking up

    Sunday - Nuttin' ! :)

    This doesn't take more than a couple of hours, and every other month I do a deep cleaning of each room and the windows. This usually takes about 3 hours as I move the couch, beds, etc., and vacuum behind stuff. I still have a lot of the day left for me:) Good luck, set your own pattern and change it around until it feels right for you. This is right for me, but you may have different rooms. I always take time out to play with the cat. She insists:)

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