How do you decorate a small space such as a fifth wheel?


We live in it. Living in a small space such as the fifth wheel we currently live in full time can be hard to decorate due to the small space. I got a very small tree and put in on a table with small ornaments. What else can I do to make it look more festive?

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  • Sandie60 Sandie60 on Dec 18, 2018

    You could put Christmas lights around your windows, or up above your cabinets.

  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 18, 2018

    Hi Jodi. Christmas lights are the final touch for me. You can string them everywhere for that festive feel.

  • Judy Judy on Dec 18, 2018

    Command strips let you hanged things damage free. Decals you can peel away and store flat are easy too. Dollar store items are cheap

    and cute too.

  • Lisa Lisa on Dec 18, 2018

    We lived and traveled full time in a tow behind travel trailer. I used clip on style curtain hooks to hang garland and ornaments on my windows. There was a ledge in front of the large window behind our couch in the slide out and I put small Christmas items there. Home Goods has small decorating items if you have a ledge like ours. But the best, most festive thing was definitely using the garlands.

  • Oliva Oliva on Dec 18, 2018

    Tie ribbons around the backs of seats and chairs, or to the base of tables; mount twinkle lights around windows and bedroom areas, purchase a holiday bath mat and towels. Purchase holiday themed bedding.

    Place stars or a group of small, artificial poinsettias and a "pick" with pine cones, jingle bells, red cardinal, etc., in the rear window. Add holiday window clings.

    Place a bowl of oranges studded with cloves nearby seating areas.

  • Use command hooks to run lights and garland!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 18, 2018

    Command hooks and strips will hang anything you want to put up to decorate for Christmas. You can use them year to year, just get new strips to put on them and they are small enough to store anywhere.

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