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How to re do an epoxy front porch?

Kathy KrausKurt


My front porch is covered in cracked, failing epoxy stone. I want to remove or replace it, but don’t know where to start. Has anyone ever come across this and found a way to restore the top layer without spending thousands.

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  • Kurt
    2 days ago

    Kathy, I used to do epoxy floor coatings for a living. I would recommend sterifing the epoxy, total porch, then adding a new layer. It would be very hard to remove the old and costly. Make sure you hire someone with years of coating and ask for references. Also find out what material he/she is going to use. All of this is VERY important.

    Best of luck.

    • Kurt
      2 days ago

      Kathy, is your porch concrete? And what area of the US do you live in, just north, south. Don't need the state but it would be helpful.


  • Kathy Kraus
    30 minutes ago

    Under the epoxy it’s concrete. I live in Missouri. St. Louis.

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