Asked on Apr 7, 2019

How to seal furniture?

Lynn Sorrell


If a piece of furniture has already been waxed can another sealer be put on top of the wax?

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  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Apr 7, 2019

    Did you seal a piece of furniture with wax a few years ago and now you want to repaint it? Oh, sorry, you have to remove all the wax first. Change your mind about the waxed finish and want to seal it with something stronger? Sorry again. You have to remove the wax first. There is an exception to this rule: some chalk paint manufacturers say their paint will adhere to wax once it’s cured. Annie Sloan is one brand who claims their chalk paint can be used over their own brand of wax, and I have done this myself with success. Unless you’re using a brand that specifically states you can paint over their wax, you cannot apply any other product over a waxed surface and expect lasting results. In general, wax is not a stable enough base for other paints and sealers to adhere to. more info.

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