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Asked on Apr 15, 2019

What's are easy ways to paint a 25 year old top on my bath vanity?

Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAMeganKelli L. Milligan


Doing Reno on small master bath. I have a 18 and 1/2 inch wide vanity, which is 3 and 1/2 inches narrower than standard top, of 22 inches. Looking for help with ideas on how to repaint present top, to be more up to date(a stone/ quartz look). Nothing dark or busy. Perhaps, a light-medium gray with white/shiny speckles in it. This bath is in a week to week rental, for 10 consecutive wks. near the beach. Looking for an attractive, yet serviceable redo.Biggest expense will be, to rip out of tub area and replace it with an up to date shower, new toilet, lights, mirrors, faucets, etc.Please forward ideas, dos and don’ts, step to step directions or websites to assist me. Pictures are great to help me visualize it.I am new at do it yourself projects. Thank you very much for your helpful ideas.😁

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