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Amy Miser
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Asked 6 days ago

How can I quickly remove all the bonded leather?



I have a couch and loveseat that are peeling horribly. The tiny bits get everywhere even when using couch covers. I want to just finish the process. Is there a solvent or something I can use to loosen it all at once? It only comes off in tiny bits not big peels like I see on all the repair guides so just doing by hand won't work.

q quickly remove all the bonded leather
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  • Hi Amy!

    Oh how upsetting that must be for you. I did not find anything to exactly go with your question, but here are some things I think will help you out. I wish you the best as you try to deal with this.

  • Amy Miser
    6 days ago

    Thanks for your response unfortunately I think mine are too far gone for either of those fixes

  • Pat
    6 days ago

    Just a guess, but now about a stiff brush. Or sandpaper. After you get the loose stuff off maybe give it a coat of paste wax. Then your slipcovers. Might help.

  • Laura
    6 days ago

    I had a similar problem. I used a hand sander low grade (I can't recall which.But it was very fine barely any coarse grain to it at all). In less than an hour, it was all off! I've reupholstered half of it...but will be trying my hand at painting it as soon as my health allows. Good luck! I promise, it's easier than you think!

  • Laura
    6 days ago

    P.S. I found going lightly in the direction of the fabric below...forward and backward was best. Small circular motions in hard to get corners and creases. Warm sudsy water an occasional peel or scrub brush, got the rest. Always with the least amount of pressure possible, as to not grate or fray underlying fabric.

  • Flipturn
    5 days ago

    If you do eventually get all the top layer off, what do you intend to do with the couch then? Do you feel it will still be attractive enough to live with it?

    In order to be able to 'fix' this mess, there must still exist an adequate amount of the old finish on the couch. As noted though, unfortunately not enough still remains.

    Providing the inside stuffing was still in decent shape, IMO, the only way to salvage this couch is to have the cushions re-covered. However, the cost might be more than buying a new couch altogether.

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