Doreen Kennedy
Doreen Kennedy
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  • Attleboro, MA
Asked on Jun 16, 2019

Any idea why my stainless steel kitchen sink smells like metal?

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3 answers
  • Pat Rios | The Wood Spa
    on Jun 17, 2019

    I don't know the reason, but here is an article that can help you get rid of metal smells.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    on Jun 17, 2019

    You can try to use a stainless steel cleaner, my stainless steel sink does not have a metal smell. I use a cleaner

  • Betsy
    on Jun 17, 2019

    Hi Doreen: Boil water and run it down the drain. This will help remove bacteria and food particles that lodge in the drain. Take the baking soda and pour a teaspoonful down the drain to help remove the smell. Meanwhile, do not stop pouring the hot water. If something is lodged in there, you can add some vinegar after the baking soda, cover the opening tightly for about 10 minutes and then pour really hot water down the drain. Sometimes food will make a metallic smell. Also, you can try rubbing down your sink with a cut lemon to minimize the smell. Good luck

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