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Asked on Jun 22, 2019

How to use a mulching blade?

RedcatcecFiddledd224Karen Brunck


Will using a mulching blade on my lawn mower all the time hurt my grass, and should i bag it all the time . ty

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  • Karen Brunck
    on Jun 22, 2019

    Hi Guy. It really depends on how quickly your lawn can break down the thatch. Once it gets too thick, the mulching is no longer providing nutrients. It's becoming home for pests and fungus. You'll then need to dethatch and/or aerate the lawn. Spraying the lawn with a cheap beer helps to break down a tiny bit of thatch build-up, and if you play "some for me, some for you", it's not as boring😂 Anyhow.... I've found picking up the clippings in Early Spring, leave um down in Summer, pick um up again in Fall, to be beneficial. 😊

  • Fiddledd224
    on Jun 22, 2019

    I use mine all the time and my grass looks great! I never keeps the fertilizer on the grass.

  • Redcatcec
    on Jun 22, 2019

    Hi Guy,

    We pretty much bag our grass and use it for compost in the garden, the mulch process here happens about 1 out of 5-6 mowings to keep the grass established and weeds out. We live in hot humid Maryland and mowing the lawn is something to put off until the heat and humidity get lower.

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