How can I work with rocks and bricks in my garden?


My husband hits the rocks with the lawn mower and they move. So I need to know how I can you use the bricks 2 stop him from moving the rocks? I have three flower beds with plenty of rocks and Bricks. This is my DYI project for the summer. By myself.

q how can i work with rocks and bricks in my garden my

This is a section I worked on last year but I'm not thrilled about the way it turned out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

q how can i work with rocks and bricks in my garden my

I was trying to make the feet look like they do on a crucifix. Because the bottom foot is cracked.

q how can i work with rocks and bricks in my garden my

I started on the right hand side in this picture laying the bricks down and sitting the rocks on top of it. But that doesn't really look that attractive.

q how can i work with rocks and bricks in my garden my

This was the beginning of the project last year with the feet.

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 22, 2019

    Thankyou for the great picture!

    You might consider putting the bricks flat in the ground in front of the rocks on the lower left, that would be a buffer, maybe 2 rows of bricks. You could dig up a few inches of dirt and place them in there. Only problem would be the weeds that would grow in between them.

    Another thought would be to not have him mow so close as to move the rocks. Finish the trimming job with a weed wacker.

    Or you could take overr the lawn mowing. HHhhhmmmmmm..........great exercise!

    • Karen Karen on Jun 23, 2019

      Thank you so much for your input. I just might try that with the bricks and rocks. Have a great day!

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 22, 2019

    Hi Karen,

    I have a faux brick border and we were running into a similar problem. I dug an edge away from the brick that has room for the tire - mine is about 3" wide. Then I put mulch on that area. Of course, eventually weeds will grow in that area. So I prepared a vinegar & dishwashing soap solution to spray on every weed that comes up. You could also cut strips of landscaping fabric to put between the bricks & the edge of the grass then cover that with mulch. I hope this helps you. Wishing you the best.

  • Rymea Rymea on Jun 22, 2019

    You have made a beautiful garden. You could kill the grass in a path about 3" wide around the garden. That would keep the grass from spreading into the garden as well. Burying the landscape blocks that are standing on end into the ground a couple of inches would make them more stable.

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    • Karen Karen on Jun 23, 2019

      You're so much for your input. I like the idea of the larger rocks. So I just might give that a try . have a great day!

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 23, 2019

    Hi Karen,

    You've added more pictures since I saw this yesterday. This is exactly the type of look that I have along the edge except that I have faux stone bricks. I can see that you've done an edging around the garden in front of the edgers. You could bury the edger rocks deeper so that they won't fall OR you could make the dug out edge a lot wider. That's what I did. Where the two half circles come together, make the dug edge a curve in that area so that the lawnmower will be able to reach it without knocking things over. Another thought would be to tell your hubby that you'll weed wack that area. Or do it before he mows. Also discuss the issue with him. Maybe he's not even aware that knocking the edgers over is a problem. Wishing you the best.

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    • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jun 24, 2019

      Hi again Karen,

      I was out working on my garden again today and took a picture of the edge I'm going to work on. At this point, I just dug out some weeds near the faux stone brick, but I'm going to use an edger along the outside and cut through the grass roots. Then I'm going to put down some landscape fabric and cover with mulch. As you can see, outside the faux brick it looks like a mess. That's the part I want to fix soon.

  • William William on Jun 23, 2019

    You have a nice setup. Needs a little work. I have never seen the retaining wall blocks laid on edge. Usually they are laid flat with about two or three high (first photo) or one level buried about two inches in the ground (second photo). I had a similar problem cutting grass close to round blocks and bumping into them. What I did was dig a trench around the block, lay down some landscape fabric to stop weeds and laid one layer of block in the trench level with the grass. Now I just roll over the buried block with the lawn mower and don't disturb the tiered block. (third photo)

    • Karen Karen on Jun 23, 2019

      Thank you for your input. I just might have to give that a try. Because yours turned out very nice. Have a great day!Now Now all I need is someone to help me fix it. LOL

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  • Karen Karen on Mar 08, 2020

    Thank you, for your input.I just might try that, it seems like I tried everything else.🌻

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