How do I remove wallpaper?

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  • Dee Dee on Jun 28, 2019

    Use a paper tiger wallpaper cutter to score the paper. Then spray with a mixture of fabric softener and water. Let stand approximately 15 minutes, then scrape off. The fabric softener also takes off the glue and makes the job easy peasy.

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Jun 28, 2019

    Hi there, I have a scoring tool that they make for wallpaper. I use it and then spray it down with warm water, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then use a scraper. Repeat where necessary.

  • Ecl32053375 Ecl32053375 on Jun 28, 2019

    Thanks Dee; heading out to get the tiger thing and softener!

  • Amanda Amanda on Jun 28, 2019

    Hello. I use a product called diff, and also a wall paper scorer. First cover the floors, wallpaper removal is very messy. Then score the wallpaper. The I work in smaller sections putting the Diff on so it doesn't dry fast. Then use a scrap and start scrapping off. You may need to apply more Diff. Once it is all off I use a bucket of warm water and wipe the walls down making sure I have removed all of the glue.

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jun 29, 2019

    Taking down wallpaper is a chore for sure. The product diff and scoring does help the process along. I also recommend a great podcast or book on audio to pass the time.

  • Linda Linda on Sep 07, 2019

    Here's the easiest way to remove wallpaper.

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