How do I build a budget DIY backyard shed?


Our aluminum shed got wrecked when our Diabetic son had a blood sugar incident and crashed the car into it. Store-bought sheds... even the smallest ones go for $1000 and up. My husband and I want to venture into building our own-- with, like I said, the tiniest of budgets (medical bills, equipment etc for my son listed above).Ideally, 12 x 12; concrete floor (or off the ground somehow), peak roof and functional wide doors ( to accommodate a drive in lawn tractor) & hopefully additional room for yard tools etcIt is a tall order, I know; I guess that's why I have a 'creativity block' in my head right now.

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  • You can build yourself over time as budget allows. Concrete needs to "cure" which takes at least 30 days. You can use pallet wood to construct, which in some areas are free. Just Google, lots of free plans out there. Here are some to get you started.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 12, 2019

    Just remember that a good sill plate is essential for longevity. If you put regular wood on concrete or ground, the whole building will crumble in short order. Treated lumber or Redwood must be used for the sill. I found this article very helpful, too, regarding placement of the sill plate.

  • Seth Seth on Jul 12, 2019


    A 12x12 shed requires a building permit in most places, which means more money. The concrete adds to the cost as well. Reduce the size to 12x10 and build a wood floor (raised 8-12 inches off the ground so nothing will burrow underneath it). You will probably need 2x6 or 2x8 floor joists spaced 12" on center to support the weight of the tractor.

  • SallyBane SallyBane on Jul 13, 2019


    I needed a new shed yesterday! I found one of the Amish built sheds 12x12,

    no credit check, $100 down and $89 per month, delivered, set-up and gone in

    two hours! No concrete pad, but, thick flooring and very well made. Sorry, to

    say if I had waited for the other half to built one, I would still be waiting with

    a 1/4 built shed! I have had it over two years and made payments for a year

    and then had enough $$ to pay it off! Best move I made and everyone is happy!

    Good Luck!

    Sally/in Pa.

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    • SallyBane SallyBane on Jul 13, 2019


      I know the finance company was in Flordia, so I would think they would be state wide. When I have time, I will get out my receits and see if I can get you moe info and phone #'s.

      I know the shed was built in Sate College, Pa.


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