Asked 2 days ago

How can I organize my shoes?

MamamiaFlipturnLisa S.


4 answers
  • Kathy DeStafino
    2 days ago

    I like using something similar to bookshelves. They are attached to the wall in my closet. Then I group them together based on type, then color.

  • Lisa S.
    2 days ago

    Behind the door cloth type with pockets. Keep fancy shoes in boxes at back of closet. Get rid of anything that hurts your feet.

  • Flipturn
    2 days ago

    Borrowing some room from in between the wall studs, recessing the shelves, is a shoe storage solution that saves floor space.

  • Mamamia
    30 minutes ago

    I have dozens of shoes. I also have shelves in my walk in closet. I put my shoes in clear storage boxes and put a photo at the end of which shoes are in each box. They stay neat and I can see them at a glance.

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