Asked on Aug 13, 2019

How do I make curtains from twin size flat sheets?

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How do I make curtains from twin size flat sheets? Inside diameter of windows 70 1/2” wide and 34” high. I want to be able to open them from the center during the day. I will use a spring rod to hang them on the inside of the windows.

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  • Curtain clips! Have you seen them?

  • Lilly Dilly Bär Bear
    on Aug 13, 2019

    A twin size flat sheet is roughly 70 by 100 inches. This is how I would proceed:

    1. Cut the top hem off so have roughly 70 by 94 inches and then remove any tags.

    2. Then cut it in half so you are left with 2- roughly 70 by 47 inch sections.

    3. Fold over the edges and make a half inch hem all along the two sections. You should be double folding it over so none of the cut edges are exposed.

    4. Then at the top, and the bottom if you are so inclined, fold over to give yourself a 2 inch hem, or wider depending on the width of the curtain rod. You want to just hem the bottom and not the sides so you have a tube to put the rod through. Then put another hem in a half inch from the top of your folded over section, this allows the curtain to hang a little ways from the top of the curtain giving you a section to buffer out more light at the top of the rod.

    When you are done you should be left with two curtain panels that are roughly 45 by 66 if you just do the top panel or 45 by 64 if you do both.

    A. If you don't like how long it hangs you could cut along the length of the sheet before cutting in half and then make strips from it to make sashes to tie them back during the day as well as have enough left over to make a top valence for the curtains.

    B. Depending on the sheets you may want to add another layer as a liner during the as they will likely be at least somewhat sheer as is.

  • Alberta Coulter
    on Aug 13, 2019

    I am planning to make curtains for my living room out of a table cloth, as soon as I get my sewing machine serviced. I used napkins to make envelope style pillow covers and the curtains will match the pillows. The cloth is 120 inches long so I will make them 84 inches to the floor. That means leaving enough on one end to make a channel for the curtain rod. The window is pretty wide so two cloths will make curtain that can close if I choose. If there is enough left over I'll make valances for the french doors. So cut them at 86 inches, fold the top over to make the channel and you are done! The bottom is already finished, unless you want to turn up a hem on the bottom, in which case cut them 88 to 90 inchesin length.

  • Flipturn
    on Aug 13, 2019

    70.5 inches, being almost 6 feet, is quite wide for a tension rod. I would think that it would need at least one centre support to keep it anchored in place during the tugging of the curtains during opening and closing.

    What is the window casing made out of - metal, wood, plastic....?

    A picture of the window would be helpful.

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