Asked on Aug 20, 2019

How do you winterize a window A/C to prevent mold buildup?

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I need to leave my window units in the windows. There must be a way to keep them from smelling like mold. Not looking for a way to clean, but a way to prevent it from mold.

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  • Beth
    on Aug 20, 2019

    This site has some good tips:

    "There are two schools of thought on how to protect your unit when not in use:

    • One is to place a cover over the outdoor air conditioner. These can be relatively inexpensive to purchase, depending on the size of your unit.

    To make sure it can breathe during the winter months, make sure you leave a foot (12”) of the coil exposed to keep moisture from getting trapped under the cover and growing mold – this will cause a major health concern when you start it back up next year.

    • The other option is to place a board on top of the unit, allowing exposure to all sides for fresh air. This also protects it from any falling debris and ice – a common problem in Northeast Ohio.

    However, because the sides are exposed to fresh air, they’re also exposed to snow and ice. Precipitation could get inside the unit without difficulty but should melt and dry out by spring."

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    on Aug 20, 2019

    The best thing is remove and store inside during winter months.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Aug 21, 2019

    Clean them up get all dirt out use a cloth with bleach on it then dry then put a cover on the out side and tie it on

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