How can we fill in chips in our laminate counter top around the sink?


How can we fill in chips in our laminate counter top around the sink?

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  • Mogie Mogie on Sep 01, 2019

    Polish Laminate Countertop Repair Kits

    Polish kits in shades matching your countertop are suitable for mild scratches and chips. You apply the polish every few weeks and it becomes engrained in the scratch, which then takes on the color of the polish rather than exposing the underlying color of the high density board under the top coat of laminate.

    Putty Repair Kits

    Putty kits are for bigger chips. The putty will be in the same base color as your laminate countertop. Apply the putty to the chip and smooth it down to create a level surface. Leave the putty to dry before using the countertop. If you have a stone effect countertop, the chip will still be noticeable, but only when the surface is closely inspected.

  • Clean the chip and surrounding area with acetone applied with a rag or sponge. Squeeze a small amount of laminate filler or paste that matches your Formica counter onto the edge of a stainless steel putty knife. Apply the filler to the chipped area using your putty knife, filling the chip completely.

  • You can use a putty or epoxy resin will also work.

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