Asked on Sep 19, 2019

Are there special stencils for use on a mirrored wall?

Nadia MarchettiLifestyles HomesTinyshoes


4 answers
  • Nan W.
    on Sep 19, 2019

    Nadia: any stencil will work for a mirrored wall. Just use blue painter's tape, a sponge with VERY little paint (almost dry!) on it -- and have fun!

  • Tinyshoes
    on Sep 19, 2019

    Nadia....I would also suggest a round sponge brush and dab only.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Sep 19, 2019

    Painting on glass requires oil based paints, in my experience.

    Idea: perhaps you want to make your own stencil-looking stickers by printing on “sticky back”, which is translucent plastic film with an adhesive back.

    The back is covered with a thin film that is peeled off after you print on it whatever you want in whatever colors.

  • Nadia Marchetti
    on Sep 19, 2019

    Where can I find translucent plastic film?

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