Save a drooping Hosta (or other plant)

Your ailing plant just needs a soak! Pop the roots into a jar of water til it perks back up! Get tutorial here

Test your garden soil to learn about it

Before starting your garden, test your soil to figure out what you need and what to grow. Get tutorial here

Regrow your avocado pits into new plants

Stick a plant pit over a jar of water to regrow it and start an edible garden of your own. Get tutorial here

Soak seeds & grow sprouts on your countertop

This sprout growing hack lets you garden right on your countertop - without soil! Get tutorial here

Bring more blooms into colorless garden spots

Keep your blooms bright anywhere in your garden with a hanging jar chandelier. Get tutorial here

Fit an entire herb garden on your windowsill

Grow herbs right in your kitchen, so that you have all your favorite flavors at your finger tips. Get tutorial here

Protect your budding garden from frost & wind

If there's a frost on the way and you know your baby plants won't hold up, try this easy trick! Get tutorial here

Store seeds for next year in a sealed jar

Keep seeds fresh year to year by storing them in jars with cute labels. Get tutorial here

Bring cuttings from your yard in for winter

Keep a garden going all year long, by putting plants in hanging glass jars indoors. Get tutorial here

Make candles to deter bugs while you garden

Give your garden the time and love it needs, without worrying about getting bitten. Get tutorial here

Keep a terrarium cozy & moist in a small jar

Some plants need that moisture to get going or keep growing and terrariums are perfect for that! Get tutorial here