Asked on Oct 7, 2019

Can you give me tips for cleaning the bathroom?

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  • Deb K
    on Oct 7, 2019

    Hi Celeste, I always start with the sink, mirror and counter top, you can use a spray cleaner and paper towels, Move next to the toilet, best cleaning is toilet cleaner and a scrub brush, if you don't have a brush, throw on some rubber gloves and scrub. make sure everything is off the floor, clean the tub, then wash the floor last, walls usually only need a cleaning 2-3 times a year.

  • Linda
    on Oct 7, 2019

    Here's a post with great tips on cleaning your bathroom.

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    on Oct 8, 2019

    I like products with bleach in them.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Oct 8, 2019

    My biggest tip, is “everyday”.

    Example: keep a bottle of spic n span or windex in the shower: spray it down before turning on the water and getting undressed. Then shower it off.

    Example: squeegee it every time the tub or shower is used.

    Example: keep $1 toilet cleaner & a $1 brush in sight, and put the toilet cleaner in at bedtime on the bowl. Brush it in the morning for 30 seconds. Done.

    Be frugal: ,today I stripped nail polish off my nails & had an extra cotton pad with acetone on it: so clean off the ceramic tile grout that’s looking less than perfect- then throw away the cotton pad.

  • Hi Celeste - This is the shower cleaner that we use to help keep grout and tiles clean and minimize the mildew - it works on kitchen grout too. I've also included a great article about mold if it's gone that far. Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

    PS - We have a FREE eBook with recipes for all of my homemade and all-natural cleaners. You can download it here -->

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