16 of Our All-Time Favorite Christmas Upcycles

Celebrate the season with these creative budget and eco-friendly ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

Flip upside down wine glasses into snow globe candle holders

These make a unique and elegant table centerpiece.

Personalize your tree with cookie cutter photo ornaments

A safer way to hang out with your family this Christmas.

Upcycle denim seams into whimsical Christmas tree ornaments

Add cute and colorful felt decorations for a soft touch.

Transform toilet paper rolls into a festive floral door wreath

A berry cute craft to use up all those toilet paper rolls you’ve been hoarding!

Turn an empty wine bottle into classy Christmas decor

Fill them with seasonal greenery or dried flowers, or leave them as-is!

Knit your own adorable winter gnomes

Make yourself some festive friends this season!

Upcycle tuna cans into playful 3D butterfly tree ornaments

Perfect for added color, character, and even a touch of spring!

Repurpose wine corks into unique snowflake ornaments

Sprinkle some glitter for a festive finish.

Turn you mini pinecone collection into a textured Christmas tile

Give these cuties a whimsical finish with a festive pompom trim.

DIY these delicate ornaments from cookie press disks and chandelier crystals

Your Christmas tree deserves an elegant sparkle this season.

Craft adorable Scottish trees from fabric scraps

Mix-n-max tartan, tweed, and denim for a forest of texture and color.  

Celebrate your love of lit with ornaments made from thrifted books and wood slabs

Add rustic character (with a dash of glitter!) to your tree this season.

DIY Christmas Candle Holder Craft Using Plast

Brighten up the holidays with floral candle holders made from plastic spoons

Jazz up the colorful petals with gold beads.