Asked on Apr 2, 2021

Stacked pallets

JaniceBecky at Flipping the FlipKathy Gunter Law


Can I use pallets in my backyard that gets flooded? I thought about stacking them so we can walk in the yard without getting our feet muddy?

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  • You can, but not all pallets are that sturdy. You might want to consider why your yard floods and recontour it so the water runs away from your yard.

  • William
    on Apr 4, 2021

    You can but they may not last over time. Might not be safe either. Why not raise the grade in your yard by adding more soil. You can also create a trench or dry bed sloping away from the yard to divert the water.

  • Redcatcec
    8 days ago

    Pallets might be a temporary solution at best, but they could sink further into the mud and become uneven, creating trip hazards, along with the gaps making it iffy to navigate successfully. Stacking them could cause them to be off balance and tip, even if joined together.

    Have you considered remedying why your lawn is flooding? You might look into directioning the rain water away from the house and landscaping would help with this.

    There are businesses that will give you free estimates, try Angie's List.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    7 days ago

    This will work as a short term solution. Pallets are normally thin boards and weak. Also, they have no treatment for water usually only pests. I would think a better solution would be gravel.

  • You could but ultimately it'll be better in the long run, albeit more involved of course, to find the problem and fix it. Wood and water aren't the best of friends so it won't last long.

  • Janice
    7 days ago

    You could use your idea as a temporary solution but be careful in stacking the pallets. They'd need to be connected well so as not to cause a possible accident while walking on them. Placing them in a muddy area won't be stable and they could possibly slip one way or another and cause harm. As others have indicated, a more permanent remedy would be best.

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