This pretty shell art

Glue shells to a framed canvas to create a simple but gorgeous piece of art for your wall. Get tutorial here

A safe bee watering station

Provide a safe water source for the bees and other pollinators in your garden by adding rocks to a shallow dish so they could drink while safely perched on the stones. Get tutorial here

This stunning sunset clock

Pour resin over a sandy base and add shells around it to create a stunning sunset clock. Get tutorial here

A unique seashell mirror

Create a unique seashell-encrusted mirror that both looks beautiful and adds a coastal vibe to your home. Get tutorial here

This creative pebble portrait

Collect a variety of small, smooth pebbles, and arrange them in a shadow box frame to create a cute family portrait. Get tutorial here

A seashell candle holder

Wrap rope around a glass vase and glue shells to it, and then fill it with sand for a candleholder with a beachy vibe. Get tutorial here

This air plant wall hanging

Stick air plants into giant shells to create a wall hanging that adds some greenery to your home in a unique fashion. Get tutorial here

These adorable cacti rocks

Paint your rocks to create a cute little cactus garden that you will never have to water. Get tutorial here

This lovely flower arrangement

Incorporate seashells into your beautiful flower arrangement to add interest to your glass vase, resulting in a lovely centerpiece for your table. Get tutorial here

These jazzed up planters

Give your houseplants a tropical touch with funky seashell-covered planters. Get tutorial here

This special seashell frame

Put your favorite photograph on display in your home in a seashell-encrusted frame. Get tutorial here

These pretty rock mosaics

Gather rocks of all shapes and sizes, arrange them as you'd like, and then paint them to make adorable mosaic rocks. Get tutorial here

This natural wall hanging

String shells together with twine, and attach them to a piece of driftwood to make a coastal wall hanging. Get tutorial here