A colorful pumpkin garland

Clip brightly painted pumpkins to a leafy garland to add some pretty fall decor to your home this season. Get tutorial here

These drippy donut pumpkins

Decorate your pumpkins with faux icing and sprinkles to look like donuts that are good enough to eat. Get tutorial here

This sweet candy pail

Take a boring, plastic dollar store bucket, and turn it into an awesome, custom-decorated candy bucket for your home using acrylic pouring. Get tutorial here

Her rainbow skull wreath

Glue colorful skulls to your wreath form to create a fun decoration for the front of your home. Get tutorial here

A cheerful autumn wreath

Repurpose a child’s bike wheel into a cheerful, not-so-traditional wreath to display on your front door. Get tutorial here

Her classy patterned pumpkins

Stick beautiful patterned napkins or floral tattoos to some cheap dollar store pumpkins for a stunning decoration that’ll add some class and character to your home. Get tutorial here

These pretty ombre pumpkins

Blend paint colors on white pumpkins to give them a pretty ombre design, making them the perfect addition to your fall tablescape. Get tutorial here

Her gorgeous floral arrangements

Fill hollow dollar store pumpkins with floral foam, and then arrange flowers in them for gorgeous floral centerpieces. Get tutorial here

A beautiful pumpkin topiary

Poke a wooden dowel through your stacked pumpkins, and add faux flowers and greenery to create a beautiful topiary to decorate your home. Get tutorial here

These elegant clay mold pumpkins

Attach clay molds onto your foam pumpkins to add some texture and elegance to them. Get tutorial here

Her animal print pumpkin

Rub pieces of animal print foil onto your pumpkin to transfer the design for a fun fall decor piece. Get tutorial here

This lovely sweater pumpkin centerpiece

Use a hot glue gun to create a pattern on your pumpkins, and then paint them white to give them a lovely sweater look for an elegant centerpiece. Get tutorial here

A beautiful fall pillow

Give your pillow cover a beautiful fall look using a watercolor technique and an ironed-on gold embellishment. Get tutorial here

These fiery carved pumpkins

Carve flame shapes into your fake pumpkins to infuse warmth into your fall decor.
Get tutorial here

Her stunning mercury glass vase

Fill your glass pumpkin jar with watered-down, dyed Mod Podge, and then spray the outside of it with mirror spray paint to create a stunning vase for your flowers. Get tutorial here