Odor in storage shed

I have a old wooden shed that gives everything I store in it a musty smell that is impossible to get out. I don't know if it's mold smell or just because it's lack or air circulation. I don't see any mold.
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  • Leslie Leslie on Jan 01, 2015
    You might try several bees wax candles. It might take a while. They get rid of a lot of different smells for me
  • Carolyn Jagielski Carolyn Jagielski on Jan 01, 2015
    We rented a house that had a damp, musty, somewhat moldy smell and briquettes and baking soda in shallow containers placed throughout the corners of the house helped. Air vents in your shed (if you don't already have them) will help circulate air to help keep it dry inside. Hope some or all of this helps your shed situation :)
  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Jan 01, 2015
    Might have to hook up a small electric Fan and run it.. to circulate the Air... along with wiping or Spraying the Walls etc with white vinegar... and what they said above about the Charcoal...Might want to take items out of there. or use Rubbermaid/or similar Tubs with Fabric Softener Sheet inside...Don't stack stuff against the Walls leave air spaces under boxes etc by using pallets...
  • Duane Duane on Jan 01, 2015
    These are all good suggestions ventilation is a must, no pun intended!
  • Loribeth Loribeth on Jan 01, 2015
    Ventilation is important, but you need to find where the moisture is coming in and take care of that. Moisture is causing the smell, and if you don't take care of the moisture problem, you'll never get rid of the smell.
  • Barbara R Barbara R on Jan 01, 2015
    It doesn't say what part of the country you live, but where I am, in Michigan, we have black mold problems. It can be under the floor where moisture has crept in. Look around and see if the wood has darkened, can be treated with white vinegar (Not bleach), check on the internet for solutions to black mold. It it's not removed, it will stay and grow and get very toxic to breathe.
    • Roberta Roberta on Jan 01, 2015
      @Barbara R I live in Southern California, but I will check floor to see how it looks.
  • Mes726852 Mes726852 on Jan 01, 2015
    Try putting an open bag of charcoal in the shed and make sure you fix any places where moisture may be getting into it as well.
  • Teresa Teresa on Jan 02, 2015
    My mother-in-law suggested placing an open bowl of ammonia in our backyard cottage after my husband's annual poker party to eliminate the disgusting cigar and stale beer odors. It worked in just a few days!
  • Roberta Roberta on Jan 07, 2015
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.
  • Nancy Wagers Nancy Wagers on Jan 10, 2015
    My husband is in pest control and sometimes he needs to use a product for his clients that will help reduce odors infestations leave behind. When we bought our new home, the shed in the backyard had an odor. So he used this product to remove the odor. Three months later the shed is still odor free. The product is "Ecosorb" (it's enviromental friendly). Here's their website: http://www.ecosorb.com/ . Although the product is marketed as an oil absorbent, it does a great job in controlling various odors. Who knew that a product like that could help with insect infestation odors, musty odors, and such?
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    • Roberta Roberta on Jan 12, 2015
      @Nanabee Thanks so much for your information. I truly appreciate your time and I will be looking for this product on line tonight. I let you know how it works.
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