What to do with this window?

This is my soon-to-be in-shower window. This was the bathtub area, and we desire a shower larger than a bathroom stall. Two major problems. (1) Privacy! Even with the trees, if someone is walking or driving up the hill just through them, you can see in. (2) Summer heat makes that bathroom feel like an oven. We do not have resources to totally replace it, and we don't want to mess with the outside part of it. Ideas we thought about was building a glass block casing that would slide into the existing casing and hope the "pocket" of air would help insulate during the summer. Not sure. Another idea that Mike had was to use foam insulation on the bottom 2 rows and we glass block the upper 2. I think the foam insulation would look tacky, especially come resale time many years down the road. Any advice or ideas to look into would be great. Other challenges: small budget, DIY preferred.
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The old window.
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