Weatherproofing antique window

Mornin' Hometalkers! I've had this neat old window for a while and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. I've decided I want to hang it on the fence in the garden. I'm wondering what you all would recommend using to weatherproof it? Would it be necessary to try and remove the paint build up/chips at the bottom (2nd photo) or can I just weatherproof right over it?
Also interested in what ya'll would do w this window? I'd like to use this as a focal point and perhaps add some off these around it: Thanks!!
q weatherproofing antique window, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, painting, repurposing upcycling
q weatherproofing antique window, outdoor furniture, painted furniture, painting, repurposing upcycling
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  • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Mar 07, 2015
    Number one question for best answer. Where do you live and do you have four seasons of weather? Makes answering properly for one time job easier lol. Linda Northern On Canada
  • THodgins THodgins on Mar 07, 2015
    I have seen some done in a faux stained glass look using glue and paint and they are absolutely gorgeous! You may want to try that option. You could hang it outside provided you use exterior products and kept it somewhat sheltered. I live in Northern ON as well and I bring my precious yard art indoors for the winter. Good luck!
  • Leah Belverd Leah Belverd on Mar 07, 2015
    Def four seasons here @Linda Hunt ! I live outside of Charlotte, NC. I hadn't thought about taking it in for the winter, but that's a good idea @THodgins. Do you have a link for the faux stained glass? I'd like to take a look! Anyone have any suggestions on exactly what weatherproofing product I should use?
  • Carol Hougaboom Holman Carol Hougaboom Holman on Mar 07, 2015
    Go to HGTV and check out Rehab addict . She uses old windows a lot. She likes to restore the original. You may get an idea from her.
  • Leah Belverd Leah Belverd on Mar 07, 2015
    Thanks @Carol Hougaboom Holman !!
  • Denise Denise on Mar 07, 2015
    I put Thompson water seal on mine...didn't do anything else as I wanted the old look. Then I screwed it to a easel made out of cedar rails and planted a clematis to grow around it. Very pretty. I do not bring mine in in the winter and we live in Canada.
  • THodgins THodgins on Mar 08, 2015
    Here is a link I found that gave a great tutorial. She is very talented.
  • Leah Belverd Leah Belverd on Mar 09, 2015
    Awesome @Denise! long has it been outdoors? And it's holding up? @THodgins, thank you for finding the link, gonna check it out now! I appreciate you tracking it down for me!
  • Denise Denise on Mar 09, 2015
    Hi My window has been outside for 3 years this spring. I took 2 of my window pane glass out last year so the clematis could grow through...SO pretty. Just se cure both the window and the easel.