Asked on Mar 7, 2015

Fixing a broken walkway

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Our front walkway has settled over time. We are selling our house and would like to fix this. Our plan is to use a rotary hammer to bust away the raised portion to level things out and pour in new concrete and level by hand.
Has anyone had any experience with using a rotary hammer or fixing concrete work that has broken due to settling? We don't have the time or money to fix the whole walkway and I'd like to avoid having a contractor come to fix just this portion.
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  • Roxanne Fischer
    Roxanne Fischer
    on Mar 7, 2015

    where I lived previously, the sidewalk (city property) in front of my house did the same thing, the city came and with a grinder smoothed it off then patched it. Just a thought..

  • Hope Williams
    Hope Williams
    on Mar 7, 2015

    It appears to be a crack. There is a liquid squeeze bottle of concrete crack repair. I'll go get a pic of it. And our crack inside our home to be fixed.

  • Hope Williams
    Hope Williams
    on Mar 7, 2015

    This crack is in our dining room. It goes from the laundry room to the door leading to sunroom. This is what we were told to use. And it is very unlevel.

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    • Nancy Jenkins
      Nancy Jenkins
      on Mar 7, 2015

      @Hope Williams Is this put out by DAP? I too have cracks in inner sidewalk, and selling house also.

  • Lisa Waddill
    Lisa Waddill
    on Mar 7, 2015

    I agree with Roxanne...check with the city. They have done the same in front of one of our previous houses, and they should be able to repair the sidewalk for you at no charge.

  • Ray Phillips
    Ray Phillips
    on Mar 7, 2015

    I don't think you mean the sidewalk. If you are talking about the walk from your house to the sidewalk then there are several things you can do. first it depends on how bad the crack is. you can take some out and pour new concrete or if it is real bad. and you don't want to spend a lot of money that if you are like me (you don't have) take it all up and level the ground and put steping stones and put sod between them. Looks great and doesn't cost an are and a leg, just work.

  • WaywardWordNerd
    on Mar 7, 2015

    Ray, yes, this is the walkway. It actually leads from the front of the house to the driveway. The crack is actually raised a couple to a few inches due to settling. Would you use a rotary hammer to chip it away (my husband wants to use one) or a grinder to grind everything down?

  • Charles Myers
    Charles Myers
    on Mar 7, 2015

    Since you are selling the house a patch will signal buyers there is a problem. Cut the bad section out, form it and pour a new section, if you can't do it hire a professional all repairs to sell your house are a deduction. Curb appeal is the first impression a buyer has of your house.

  • Hope Welch
    Hope Welch
    on Mar 7, 2015

    There is a process called slab jacking where a poly cement mix is injected under the slab and it raises the lower section. It might be worth checking it out, the cost is surprisingly reasonable.

  • Workerbee
    on Mar 7, 2015

    You need to go to a Concrete specialty business, they sell all types on concrete. There are many more types than what HD or Lowe's carries. They will have one that can be mixed and poured over your low section. You will probably need a bonding agent that they will sell also. They will be able to tell you how do to it. My father did this a few years ago and it has held up will. Good luck.

  • Rebekka
    on Mar 7, 2015

    Yes, I agree with Hope, in Pittsburgh we call it concrete leveling. Check to see if there is a company which does it near you. Much cheaper than new concrete.

  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells
    on Mar 7, 2015

    After you do what repairs can be done, add plants to the surrounding areas so the eye will be attracted to the plants and not the possible difference in shade in the concrete repair.

  • Nancy
    on Mar 7, 2015

    Your best investment is to contact a hydraulic concrete installer. They may be able to drill a few holes in the existing concrete and lift the slab. Then you can successfully install crack filler. Our front stoop porch sank and they were able to lift it back in place. You cant tell we had an issue. The cost was under $100.

  • Terri Millard Dearborn
    Terri Millard Dearborn
    on Mar 8, 2015

    We had this same problem on a house that we owned we also had a drive way that heaved due to settling. We found a company that actually raises the concrete from the bottom and leveled them both as if the cracks never happened. It was well worth the money! I think it was A-1 concrete leveling; look on you tube you will be glad you did - it is a lot cheaper!

  • Kackie3
    on Mar 8, 2015

    We have the same problem and I have been thinking about using a rotary cutter to cut out the broken sections, then fill those voids with new concrete and inset river stones into the wet concrete. My thinking is that the complete difference in texture will make it look like it was done on purpose for decoration.

  • Hope Williams
    Hope Williams
    on Mar 8, 2015

    @Nancy Jenkins. See photo.

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