Identify shrub please

I picked up two of these beautiful plants at discount at KMart 3 years ago, and I didn't save the tag, darn, now trying identify the shrub, please help. I found this picture online but does not have the name of plant
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  • Kathleen Kathleen on May 10, 2015
    Scotch Broom. Lovely Spring blooming shrub. Several colors available. Lowe's carry several of them.
  • Sooz Sooz on May 10, 2015
    keep them protected in winter and they will reward you every spring.
  • Fourhens Fourhens on May 10, 2015
    I'm glad you asked! I'm in zone 5, and its the only plant I lost of my new landscaping this winter. Very pretty. I will get another and protect this year. Thx!
  • Sharon haynes Sharon haynes on May 10, 2015
    They are also called Lena's Broom, I had yellow, they don't like real cold winters
  • Dottie Unruh Dottie Unruh on May 10, 2015
    Also known as Spanish broom. They are lovely, but do produce LOTS of pollen, so if you have allergies better re-think this one. They also require quite a bit of space. I have 3 and love them all.
  • Janice Del Vecchio Janice Del Vecchio on May 11, 2015
    I have always called it Scotch Broome. I worked a garden/floral design shop and we often would cut some off the ones that were not selling and use them in floral arrangement.
  • Cheryl Hartlen Cheryl Hartlen on May 11, 2015
    I've never seen Scotch Broom in pink before... lovely! In Nova Scotia... it is considered an invasive weed... it takes over (but in a pretty way) it grows mainly on the hillside of a ditch along the roads. I would have thought the pink picture was a version of Sea Heather... but I guess not!
  • Candy Pauley Candy Pauley on May 11, 2015
    Where I live this is considered a weed. Not the colored ones, but the yellow plants. They spread like wildfire and can hardly kill them.
  • Michelle Michelle on May 11, 2015
    Thank you!! I found the plants at Lowe's, they are beautiful, I have had 3 neighbors who admired the shrub, I surprised the neighbors with their own shrubs. The ladies were so tickled pink. The shrubs survived the usually bitter cold temps. we had in VA but I lost my two butterfly bushes. Again many thanks!
  • Mary Vono Mary Vono on May 12, 2015
    It looks like a Scotch Broom. They can be beautiful and I wish around this area (central mass) they grew like weeds.
  • Deborah Deborah on May 07, 2017
    This could be Scotch Broom or Spanish Broom. Both have their own variations and colors. Ex. Red with yello, Golden yellow with red center, all red aka Lena's Broom, white, Pink, lavender, and yelloW. They are all beautiful if you have the "space" to grow them! They do need their space! Don't let the small pots they sell them in fool you folks! They grow up and out like a fountain!! But each year they grow more beautiful then the last! Giving you more blooms and cascading branches then the last! Keep them mulched and the soil around it weeded and you shouldn't have a problem with them taking over. As with any plant that divides itself, if you take care of your garden well, it won't become a burden later.
    Also, if you are creative or don't like to waste your plants in the fall, gather your Broom in small bundles about knee high and tie off as many as you'd like to work with. Tie again in the middle of that bundle so you're now wrestling with your Broom after you cut that bundle. Make sure they are pretty tight. Now cut just below where you tied off at the bottom leaving two or three fingers in length. Use sharp scissors or knife and cut the bundle. Hang in a warm dry place until the Broom is completely dry. This can be used to make a Broom or wisk broom. Which DIY can be found on YouTube on making homemade brooms.