Need help with curtain style!

I am redoing our living room and need help with a style of curtain that will not obstruct our view and add color and pattern. There were plain scarf valances from previous home owner. Help!
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  • Barbara Barbara on Aug 06, 2015
    These windows are so gorgeous I'm not sure I'd want to cover them up with a window treatment! If it's in a private part of your home, i.e. bedroom, I'd go with lace just below the fan. Lace is available in many colors and can be custom purchased from a variety of places (check on line or in your area for best prices). You will still have an unobstructed view, provide subtle privacy and still have the fan uncovered to expose it's beauty and provide additional light. You can check at for lovely examples of window treatments in lace and other fabrics.
  • Patricia Patricia on Aug 06, 2015
    Check out ideas on Pinterest. Curved rod panels are an option. There are some pretty treatments that add to the windows and do not cover them up. I'm with Barbara on that.
  • Jessica Ritter Jessica Ritter on Aug 06, 2015
    I love height, so I would mount rods way up high above the rounded windows and hang super long drapes flanking the window. It would look dramatic and amazing! Plus you can have them open whenever you want, or closed, just slide them right over! It would make the beautiful windows even more of a feature.
  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Aug 06, 2015
    I would hesitate to cover the sunburst top windows. Perhaps just a little "dressing" of the windows below. Here's something that was done for a client of mine. She didn't need privacy nor sun protection, just some color.
  • Mimi Mimi on Aug 06, 2015
    I wouldn't cover the sunburst tops, but there are beautiful sheers or voile curtains that let the light in or you can pin them aside to open the window up. Either of those types of curtain will soften the space as well.
  • Lauralynne Girard Lauralynne Girard on Aug 06, 2015
    I'd say it depends on how cold your winters are and how close your neighbors are. In the cold or really hot weather I would put up thick, long and darker colors. Maybe velvet. Or if the weather is good and no one looking in, maybe some beaded curtains. I've seen some beautiful ones.
  • KDinFL KDinFL on Aug 06, 2015
    My house is on a hill and no neighbors can see in. No need to close any curtains in this room!
  • Z Z on Aug 06, 2015
    We have five of these windows in our home. Two rooms have pairs where both have the rods hung high with long panels. I also have bamboo blinds on one set and Roman shades on the other. Just a shade on the other as its in the master bathroom. All these work as they don't obstruct our view.
  • Lori Jackson Lori Jackson on Aug 07, 2015
    These windows are glorious. What about a wide Venetian blinds with fabric covered valance?
    • KDinFL KDinFL on Aug 08, 2015
      @Lori Jackson Thanks, Lori! Could I do just a fabric covered cornice for each window to add color?
  • Lori Broderick Lori Broderick on Aug 07, 2015
    Since you neighbors aren't close and you don't need to "close" the curtains, I would def. place the road above the circle tops of the window and do long - long curtains in a non-sheer fabric and have the rod go from one end of the window all the way across to the second window. Making the window feel like one BIG window. You can even put another panel of curtains in the middle of the window totally against that wall in the center, that will look just as nice, but def. don't start the curtains below the circle window that will look cut off and give a low end design. Good luck!
  • Barbara Parsons Barbara Parsons on Aug 07, 2015
    I would honestly forget about curtains or draperies and install shutters, including a "sunburst" shutter for the top. I did that in my living room and dining room in our FL home and they work perfectly to dress the window, allow light in, and even serve to insulate a little against the very hot FL sun. They are expensive, but they are very easy to maintain and will last a very long time and still remain "in vogue."
  • LD LD on Aug 07, 2015
    The transom (half circle) could be left alone, for this would give you constant light and a view of the sky. Most pattern curtain fabric is not sheer in nature, so personal I would not consider a pattern fabric. Now you can get lace curtains in different shades which do have a design in them, but they would obstruct your view, so the other option would be to go with a sheer colored curtain, which does give you the ability to see the outdoors. Another option is to use panels and hang them with curtain rings, which allows you to close at night or when you are on vacation, but during the day you have full view when they are open. The curtains can be just outside the window frame and to the floor or consider addressing both windows as one with curtains also between the two windows. When you address the two windows as one you will make the room appear larger, as well as taking the drapes to the floor. If you want the give height to the room then take the window treatments from being to the floor.
  • Ruth Ruth on Aug 07, 2015
    This is what I did.
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    • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Aug 08, 2015
      @KLDinNH Depending on the weight of the fabric, you should consider a maximum of 2 1/2 times the width of the window. The lighter weight the fabric; the greater the fullness. Then if you want to draw the panels off the face of the windows when open, you need to calculate for that stackback area.
  • Jennifer Jennifer on Aug 07, 2015
    Like Ruth's solution.
  • Sun One Sun One on Aug 08, 2015
    I'm not sure this gives you any ideas, but have you seen the string curtains as opposed to sheers?
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Aug 08, 2015
    I'm with Ruth.
  • Ruth Ruth on Aug 08, 2015
    I'm glad you like my idea. I had a hard time deciding on it. My window is 84". My curtain rod length is 102" for my big window and I used 4 panels. I keep them open most of the time except when the late aftenoon sun comes in this west facing window. I think 4 panels would work for you too. You could have one long rod or two smaller ones. It is good to extend them past windows so that the panels will not block the window light when opened. Mine extend about 9". Good luck.
  • Mimi Mimi on Aug 08, 2015
    My best answer for an awkward window is plantation shutters. Expensive I know but always look elegant and makes sense if you don't carry them up to the top. Unless you really wanna go broke and have one custom made for the half moon. Also the last window coverings you will ever have to buy....
  • KDinFL KDinFL on Aug 10, 2015
    Thanks, everyone for your ideas!
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