What can I do to cover my basement ceiling without spending a lot

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  • Roxaneg Roxaneg on Oct 20, 2017
    Paint it all one color. It's cheaper than most other alternatives.

    The other thing that I saw in person and it was kind of nice-- they stretched fabric over the joists and used trim pieces to nail it into place. The owner of the house was a seamstress and she used cloth pieces that were not too busy for the effect.

  • Cat Shaw Cat Shaw on Oct 20, 2017
    They make a paintable wallpaper that you can use on your ceiling. I have used it in my bathroom and now in the process of using it in my kitchen. It's pre-pasted and comes in a variety of designs. It's not too expensive. I got mine at Home Depot but they also carry it at Lowe's and Ace hardware.

  • Lori Lori on Oct 20, 2017
    Get a super thin sheet of wood, they come in different weights and thicknesses. Nail that up there and paint away.

  • Susan Susan on Oct 20, 2017
    Look on pinterest for Luann ceiling for basement, just an idea

  • Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin on Oct 20, 2017
    I've seen on Rehab Addict (HGTV) where they spray painted the entire basement ceiling white. All the pipes and beams, everything! It was very inexpensive and looked great..also lightened up the area. You would need a spray painter. If you don't have one maybe you could rent one...or maybe borrow one.

    • Katie Marie Katie Marie on Oct 22, 2017
      I think this is what we are going to do. Thanks for the suggestion Jeanne.