How to adjust the plumbing to replace garden tub with shower?

Have very small shower and large garden tub. Thinking about putting shower in place of the tub, and using present shower space for linen closet

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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jul 11, 2018

    That sounds like my question from several months ago! After getting contractor bids, my husband told me to forget it. But if you can do plumbing and carpentry, this project is doable, Sherry, although you probably need a friend’s help. All the faucets, drains, spa spouts, etc. will unscrew to remove. The hardest part may be getting the tub out of your house. Use a saber saw or another appropriate tool to cut the tub into two or four pieces to get them out your doors. (When the house was built, the tub was brought in before all the framing was finished.) You will have to reframe the flooring, assuring there is enough structure to hold up the new shower and shower pan. There is plumbing in place, but you will have to reroute the tub pipe higher and move the drainage in the center. You will have to reposition walls, inside tile, windows, and add glass doors, as well as replace the flooring displaced by the new shower. But don’t start yet. You will want to tear out the old shower, tiles, doors and walls. One money-saver is to leave the shower, remove the shower head and knobs, knock out the front of the shower at the floor (about six inches), leaving the glass doors. The wide door will allow you to have a walk-in linen closet with shelves on three sides. You can leave the glass doors clear, or cover them with Contact paper or any number of other coverings to match your design for the room. I really hope you can accomplish this. And please post it all on Hometalk, even if you do it in stages. Best wishes ☺️