Can you tile or add pizzaz to a shower tub enclosure?

This in my master bath and it is pure ugly! It may be perfect for bathing/grooming pets? There is absolutely NO wow factor!!! I am open to other
affordable suggestions as well... Thank you in advance, tl

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  • Liv Liv on Dec 10, 2017
    I would recommend using Smart Tile! High Quality, Affordable, Peel and Stick, WOW Factor!

    • Tracy Tracy on Dec 10, 2017
      How well do they stick to a nonporous surface like acrylic/fiberglass?
      This tub insert was going to be replaced...Unfortunately, I had to re-plumb my entire house...

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 10, 2017
    There are products that are made for re-surfacing tile or re-finishing it... special paint... What if you were to stencil a pattern on your tile similar to the concrete tiles you see used these days... or like the Talavera Mexican tiles.. (I would practice on some cheap 4X4 tile first)
    And you will have to be sure to clean all soap residue from the tile before you try painting them. Another interesting thing might be to do an "ombre" effect... in any color you like.
    These are just some ideas... there are a LOT of stencil patterns that you could use...

    • Tracy Tracy on Dec 10, 2017
      Thank you for your answers and suggestions Marty. There are no tiles to repaint...Resurfaced tubs and showers I have seen barely made it for one year... I do like your designs, Tracy