How do I remove a shower surround?

by Sonya

how do we take out a shower surround without destroying the walls in a small bathroom?

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  • Ray Porter Ray Porter on Dec 14, 2018

    Most of the shower surrounds I have seen are made of fiberglass Sonya. And all of them usually have some type of lip that allows you to either sheet rock over the edge for a smoother look. Check this video out. This may help. Good luck!

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 14, 2018

    What is your surround made of? Tile? or ?? How it is removed depends upon what it is made of....

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Dec 14, 2018

    Hello, we were moved our shower surround enclosure - we found ours was glued to the wall with a construction adhesive, causing some destruction of the sheet rock underneath. We ended up replacing the backer board and re-tiling the area upgrading the tub surround that way.

    • Sonya Sonya on Dec 21, 2018

      That’s what I am thinking will happen to our sheetrock

  • Fred Eurieck Fred Eurieck on Dec 15, 2018

    Surrounds have a flange that is typically screwed into the studs. It’s about 1 1 1/2”. You can cut the drywall at 2” to remove drywall and expose the flange. After removing it you may have to cut it up to get it out of the bathroom.

  • 2818713 2818713 on Dec 20, 2018

    You'll need to see how it's attached. I watched how ours was installed, it's unfortunately glued to the tile along the edges that touch the tile with heavy-duty screws going in to the main areas it needs stabilized to stay up. (frameless shower door)

    • Sonya Sonya on Dec 21, 2018

      We were notnlocal when our home was built but we installed some tile around the top. I am thinking we will have to cut it into sections to even get it out the door