Is there a kind of showerhead that can rest on pipe installed upward?


Hello! Any suggestions with what showerhead I should buy for my shower? The pipe in was installed upward rathee than downwards. I am a renter and my landlord will nit since the shower is functioning. i am not sure what type of showerhead or if I need to add a shiwer extender. I would appreciate some feedback. I am. It that handy or creative. 😊 Thank you.

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  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Sep 18, 2019

    The pipe coming out of the wall is screwed into a fitting on the water pipe behind the wall. Cover the pipe coming out of the wall with a cloth, old leather belt, or other such object to protect the pipe from damage. Then use a pipe wrench and gently turn the pipe clockwise until it’s facing down. Now you’re problem is solved.

  • J J on Sep 18, 2019

    That hose attachment can be removed easily. The people at Lowe’s or Home Depot can assist you.

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 18, 2019

    The picture doesn't show the whole shower head, but here is my guess.... the showerhead mounting bracket is missing. You can buy them seperately at home store or hardware store that sells handheld shower heads.

    Maybe your landlord was thinking he was making it more accomodating for us tall people.

  • William William on Sep 18, 2019

    Zard is correct. You don't need anything except a wrench. The pipe coming out of the wall should be facing down. Meaning the bend should be down direction. You will need to adjust the showerhead bracket also. Just be careful and slow when turning the pipe to the downward direction. The showerhead bracket should be adjusted to look the same as in the photo just facing down.

  • T T on Sep 18, 2019

    look up replacing shower head "arm". wrench, rag (as protector to not scratch pipe). Twist counterclockwise to "remove", which you're not saying to do. I don't know how much wiggle room you have, so if you twist clockwise (since you're not replacing/removing), just redirecting angle (half turn?). Definitely, don't bend arm out of alignment, one doesn't know if pipe behind tile (that arm is connected to) was properly installed (to studs, etc). This twisting would be closest to wall (not where the shower head hangs on to bracket). To get closer, one can take off connection/bracket that shower head rests on. Then one can take the "flange" (silver donut plate) off, to have slightly closer contact to wall. I'm concerned about any twisting with pipes that can cause a leak. A tiny leak (if not plugged by calcium deposits in a short time, can easily turn into a "huge" leak, even like a waterfall. Why can't you ask the landlord to fix it to how the shower "arm" is supposed to be angled. That way the landlord takes all risks in the repair.

    • Lizzi Dill Lizzi Dill on Sep 19, 2019

      Thank you for your feedback. i coordinate with the Property Manager that my landlord hired. He lives in the bay area and travels a lot so by me working with the PM with any issies helps the landlord. i have asked if their Plumber or Maintenance guy can come fix the pipe. They informed me that the landlord reply was; "the showe is functional no need to pay for any repairs." It works I just have to hold my showerhead with one hand ehile I wash with the other or turn the water off to wash, the turn back on to rinse. Thanks again for your suggestions and feedback.

  • Dee Dee on Sep 20, 2019

    Take off the hand held shower and just turn the pipe downward. You can install a new shower head, and also the hand held if you want. There is a switch on the hand held that works with a regular shower head.

  • Dee Dee on Sep 20, 2019

    I would also inform the manager that it does not work as it was installed backwards.

  • Allison Allison on Sep 21, 2019

    Lowes sells a shower arm that will connect to the present one and allow you to adjust where the water flow will go. It's a mere 5 dollars and worth it, considering if you try to adjust the one that's there and bust something behind the wall, your security deposit will be gone.