Are shower doors better to have than curtains?

Samantha B
by Samantha B
Shower door vs curtain
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  • L L on May 22, 2015
    We've had both and ended up removing the doors and will not replace them. My reasons? Twofold: My elderly mom got to the point that she could not understand that she could not lean on the shower doors and if she had fallen it would have been worse than if she had fallen on a curtain. Also, the doors make it harder to clean all the crevices and corners. I just throw the shower curtains in the laundry ever other week or so. ;-)
  • Kiff Harvey Kiff Harvey on May 22, 2015
    I would go with polyester shower curtains all the way they wash in the washer, dry in the dryer,and are so easy to keep clean.I have tried every thing else :( Moldy vinyl no longer a problem Spotted shower doors no longer exist I love the polyester
  • Sandy Sandy on May 22, 2015
    In my experience shower doors, mainly the tracks, are very difficult to clean. The doors I have owned over-lapped and left an area impossible to physically get in there to clean. A Nice liner and shower curtain would be my choice. I have children, grandchildren and all of their friends. Rather than replacing the liner if the bottom is not looking so good, I trim it off with scissors.
  • Linda Linda on May 23, 2015
    I prefer a curtain. Throw in the washer with towels when dirty. When I live in a home with shower doors, I put up a shower rod and curtain inside the door so I don't have to clean water spots and soap off the door.
  • Janet Noddings Janet Noddings on May 23, 2015
    I heartily agree with all the comments! Especially if you have hard water - cleaning the walls and bottom of the shower will be enough work. Let your washing machine do the curtains. Add some vinegar and borax to the detergent and they will be sanitized, deodorized and clean.
  • Kathy Kathy on May 23, 2015
    We have shower doors and I hate them and always have. They're a pain to clean and impossible to keep clean. Shower curtains, on the other hand, can be washed and they allow you to easily change the look of your bathroom.
  • Susan Bishop Susan Bishop on May 23, 2015
    Doors are a safety issue, as many others have stated here. Besides, with a curtain, you have the opportunity to customize your bathroom on the cheap. Get a polyester curtain with a plastic liner. Buy one or two extra matching shower curtains and use the fabric for window treatments and other trims. I bought 2 matching shower curtains and used the second to make a Roman shade for the window and a skirt for my pedestal sink. Designer look on the cheap, gotta love it.
  • Connie Stewart Connie Stewart on May 23, 2015
    I had shower doors. Then found out I had to have knee surgery so I had to take the doors off and put curtains up and I'm not sure which I like better. I had to have a transfer bench in my tub so that is the reason I had to go to curtains. Anyway I am 4weeks post op so still have the curtains. Time will tell
  • Nancy Brown Nancy Brown on May 23, 2015
    Curtains, so much easier to clean, and so many pretty ones to choose from, cand can change them out often for very little cost.
  • Debbie Butcher Debbie Butcher on May 23, 2015
    Absolutely shower curtains. First if you choose it is so much easier to get a new look for the room. Second shower doors are impossible to keep clean. They get spots, cloudy, and there is one spot in the door tracks that you absolutely can not get to for cleaning. I have had both and I would opt for the shower curtain any day. A nice fabric curtain on the outside and a white fabric on the inside so that you can pop it in the washer with a little bleach and you are good to go. Have fun.
  • Judy Schmidt Judy Schmidt on May 23, 2015
    I prefer my shower doors. I hang a curtain in front of my shower for looks. The door prevents water on the floor.
    • Judy Judy on May 24, 2015
      @Judy Schmidt You can use these guards that avoid water splash, usually caused by kids, and animals. My mom does what you do, only because she can't afford to have the shower frame removed and tile repaired.
  • Pat Pat on May 23, 2015
    I found that if you have small children to bathe, having shower doors is almost impossibe to get to the child.....I had shower doors for about 5 years and changed to a curtain and will not change back.
  • Myrtle Myrtle on May 23, 2015
    Curtains becasue of the ability to change the look of the bathroom easily. I found one that has about one foot of mesh at the top to let in light and you can see out. Love it.
  • OhSally OhSally on May 23, 2015
    Add my vote for's nearly impossible to keep the crevices in door fixtures clean! And, the ability to change the look of your bathroom easily by changing out the shower curtain!
  • Esther W Esther W on May 23, 2015
    I've had both and am now back to a curtain with liner. Doors are the latest trend and look great in a model home. But the time you spend keeping them clean isn't worth it. I also like that a beautiful shower curtain adds style and flair to your bathroom. Easy to clean in the washing machine and when you're ready for a new look, just donate it for someone else to enjoy.
  • Gayle Gayle on May 24, 2015
    Like curtains much better. Shower doors hard to clean. Curtains are not, plus can be changed periodically. Dollar General has some nice ones that are inexpensive
  • Judy Judy on May 24, 2015
    Curtains - absolutely curtains Shower door frame is difficult to keep clean, as well as the shower doors. Curtains are decorative, you can change as often as you want. I like to use a clear inner liner, hang a second rod for the decorative curtains. At least once a month I throw the clear liner in the washer with a 1-2 towels.
  • Beverly Cady Cabaday Beverly Cady Cabaday on May 24, 2015
    I've had both. In the end, I took out my shower doors and put in curtains. Curtains can be washed easily or change out easily and inexpensive. I also, have two hanging...a liner and the curtain.
  • Mly1647646 Mly1647646 on May 24, 2015
    Love my shower doors. Regular cleaning keeps them up and they do not need replacing.
  • Barbara Barbara on May 25, 2015
    we have one bathroom that uses a shower curtain and our master bath has a walk in shower separate from the tub. For kids I prefer curtains and it's nice that they can be changed out as the kids get older, but for our master bath I love the doors. I spray it down each time I shower and squeegee and we haven't had any 'impossibly dirty' problems with it. All shaving is done at the sink however, I don't like cleaning that out of the shower.
  • Candace Candace on May 25, 2015
    Yes, shower doors are better, especially for resale. The trackless ones are best. Keep them clean with daily squeegee-ing.
  • Jakes Du Preez Jakes Du Preez on Jun 01, 2015
    I have a see-through glass shower and hate it with a passion. I have started to renovate the bathrooms. In my guest bathroom i have no door. Just a shower. No door. It is cleaner keep dryer everything is easier(tiled everywhere). We just leave an old towel on the floor (for the kids) and after showering just hang it to dry. No shower walls to wash, no build up of black spots yet (since Dec 2014). Pinterest convinced me that i can have an open shower...and I love it ...cannot wait to renovate my own bathroom, to get rid of that glass shower walls once and for all...J