What can I do to remodel a 1957 powder blue tile bathroom?

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  • Nancy Fisher Nancy Fisher on Dec 11, 2017
    Clean. Clean. Clean! If the tile is "swirl" pattern and goes about half way up the wall, use the lightest blue (or white) in the tile to paint the wall and/or trim. Then use the darkest blue as an accent color. If there is no variation in the tile color, or if it covers the whole wall, you have a bigger problem!

  • Does retro or vintage fit your decorating style? If so, embrace it! I have what I call a "mid-80's box" with no style, character or detail. I would trade it hands down, sight unseen for anything I have. As Nancy suggested, I would use either an antique white or a bold crisp white and a bright navy as accent colors. If you are into yellow, that might look good to. If you paint, clean up the hardware and fixtures, some new lighting, towels, rugs, accessories it could look like a new room for minimal work and cash investment. I happen to love silver, blue and white and you could make it every elegant and sophisticated. Would that be something you might consider?

  • Ellis Ellis on Dec 12, 2017
    Learn to love it, use complementary colors, etc. Whatever you do, don't try to resurface/paint the tub and tile. I've lived in a house where that had been done, and it was a disastrous, peeling mess.

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    • Ellis Ellis on Dec 13, 2017
      I'm so glad to hear that your clawfoot tub is holding up, and that there are good refinishers out there. My experience was so poor, even though the job had been done by a professional refinisher, but apparently not a good one!

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 12, 2017
    Sounds like a fun color! You can liven it up with complimentary towels. If you're interested in changing the color, Rustoleum makes some good bathroom paint kits for such a project.