What is the cheapest way to take bath tub out and install shower

by Mohini
It is so hard to find reasonable contractor's to take the bath tub out and put a shower stall. The area shower area, of course, has to be refinished with tile or faux marble or similar material. Trying to do this for my mom's bathroom. She's 87 and is now very difficult for her to get in and out of the tab.

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  • Alice Alice on Jun 18, 2018

    I found a video that might help...

  • Suelane Suelane on Jun 18, 2018

    Hi, have you inquired at Home Depot or Lowes or any store nearby? They may have suggestions of tradespeople who are capable of doing the job. Are you wanting to buy the shower stall yourself or have the installer buy that along with related plumbing and finishing items? Also, I don't know where you live but you might look and see if there are any government programs for Seniors' homes to convert for accessibility. Good luck, I hope that you can find someone who will do this work at a reasonable cost so that your Mom can easily get in and out.

  • Yes, I understand how difficult it can be hiring a licensed contractor. Unless your diy skills are in construction, you will need one. Here is how to hire:


    If you are on Nextdoor.com, that is a great way to find decent, local contractors. Another source is your state licensing board.

    In the interim, get a couple of these:


    Any decent medical supply will have options to choose from. Better stocked Walmart and Target stores also may have them, or an independent pharmacy. I have a "compounding pharmacy" that carries everything, and if they do not have in stock, will order for you.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 18, 2018

    This may not be what you want to hear, but in my opinion the cheapest way to take out a tub and put in a shower is to hire a licenced, insured and bonded contractor. Get a minimum of three bids and the lowest is not always the best. Check to see if they have references and project photos on their website, check the BBB website to see their ratings and if they have unresolved consumer complaints. This is a big job and not cheap, but if you only look at price, you may not get a quality job and will end up paying more in aggravation or reworking to fix poor workmanship.

  • Kim Kim on Jun 18, 2018

    It is a large job! We demolished our tile surround which turned out to be on top of cement and chicken wire. It was exhausting but not technically difficult. Then we pulled out our tub which was made of cast iron and porcelain. It was too heavy so we smashed it with a sledge hammer. The pieces were heavy and sharp! We had to take them to the dump because you can’t put them in the trash.

    Once the tub was out, we had to deal with the wood underneath and around the tub. Some was rotten and had to be cut out and replaced. Our home is older and built with lumber that is actually 2” x 4” while the lumber available today is called 2” x 4” but it is smaller than that. We had to get help with the sill plate because the house needed it for stability. I’m not sure how the house remained standing with the sill plate completely rotted out on that side! Framing was fairly straight forward once we figured out dimensions.

    Next comes the plumbing. We had to hire a plumber. Drains need moved and the correct mixing valve and shower head plumbing needs installed.

    Next comes the shower pan, hardy board, red devil water proofing, tile and mortar, grout, sealer, fixtures, shower door, green board for new wall space created, mud, tape, edging, new base moulding, and paint.

    Have you considered a device for your mom? Homeability.com has many solutions with descriptions of how they work plus price ranges for that style of product. I am including their information on chair lifts in the attached picture.

    I hope all works out well for your Mom.


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