Sheet storage

Looking for an idea to store sheets in small spaces. Sheets take up a lot of space.
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  • Sharon Russell Sharon Russell on Feb 22, 2015
    Our house does not have a linen closet, so I stash mine in a kid's 3 drawer dresser that's in the back of my closet...

  • Susan E Susan E on Feb 22, 2015
    Martha Stewart recommends folding a sheet set flat as possible and store both sheets and one pillowcase inside one of the pillowcases. It makes a nice little package and conserves space.

  • Susan Susan on Feb 22, 2015
    thanks @No search results.Linda Allen.Between the mattress is a good idea.

  • Susan Susan on Feb 22, 2015
    thanks @ @Susan E folding small is a challenge in itself

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    • Susan E Susan E on Feb 22, 2015
      Maybe you could use a quilt rack, or ladder, and drape them.

  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Feb 22, 2015
    I haven't had a linen closet in years and have 3 different sizes of mattresses in our house. What I have done, and what seems to work for me, is to store any extra sets of sheets for each bed in a large zipper-lock bag under that bed. I get huge zipper-lock bags as Dollar Tree and can store up to two sets of standard-sized linens in the largest bag. Since I put flannel sheets on the beds in colder months, it's nice to have the alternate season's sheets with the bed. Plus, I never have to dig through the linens trying to determine which ones are twin, full or queen.

    • Susan Susan on Feb 22, 2015
      @Swan Road Designs good idea I love those vacuum storage bags

  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Feb 22, 2015
    I've been thinking to fold so they are narrow and long, and to slip over a coat hanger in closet/armoir of correlating mattress size.

  • Margaret Margaret on Feb 23, 2015
    I also fold and place them in one pillow case. It works well and does help with the mess.. Google how to fold fitted sheets and learn the easy way.