Should I change my 4 bedroom house into 3 bedrooms?

Would taking the space of a 4th bedroom to enlarge closet and bathroom areas to make a master suite lower the value of my two story house? There is also a small basement "bedroom", which we currently just use for storage.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 18, 2016
    And what exactly are you asking???
  • Cheryl @ Artzzle Cheryl @ Artzzle on Apr 18, 2016
    Lots of variables to consider here. 1. Even though you'd lose a bedroom, your square footage wouldn't really suffer, because it's still usable, just incorporated into other areas, and a "master suite" is always desirable. 2. If the "basement" bedroom has a window and closet or hanging area access, most markets will consider that a legal bedroom. 3. Are your other two remaining bedrooms a decent size? 4. The average buyer is looking for a 3 bedroom w/any extra spaces welcomed, which don't necessarily have to be bedrooms. Go online and look at your local real estate markets; what's listed, what's recently sold. That will be helpful. THE MAIN THING IS ... it's your house and you want it to be comfortable and something you'll use and love. Good luck, from a former real estate agent with several years experience!
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 18, 2016
    A master bath is important to some homeowners but the overall costs really need to be considered. A bathroom remodel can easily run tens of thousands of dollars. Check with a couple realtors in your area and ask what comparable homes in your area have as far as number of bathrooms. If that basement bedroom has an egress window, you'll still have sufficient bedrooms for resale. Possibly consider updating the existing bathroom(s) with new vanities and quarts countertops.
  • CK CK on Apr 18, 2016
    It kind of depends on a few factors. 1) What are other homes in your neighborhood like? One, two, three bedrooms? 2) Does the basement bedroom have egress windows? Very important in some areas of the country. 3) Will taking space from the 4th bedroom to make a master suite compromise the overall layout of the house? 4) Is that proposed master suite on main level or upper level? Lots of questions to answer before going ahead (or not). You may even want to ask a realtor about what's selling in your area and what's not. You seem to asking with intent to sell. If that's the case you really outta get a realtor (or several realtors) opinion because a house that's really 'different' in a neighborhood could be a bonus OR a liability. If you want to make those changes for yourself and have really no plans to move, then make a good plan, get a good contractor (or realllly good DIY skills under your belt) and go ahead with the proposed plan.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 11, 2023

    You might ask some local Estate Agents their opinion before doing any work. think they may say, The loss of a Bedroom is counteracted by the addition of the OnSuite. No difference in price, but you shouldn't loose out!

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 13, 2023

    Anytime you lose a bedroom is lowers the value of your home. And anytime you add a bedroom it increases the value (generally).

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jan 27, 2024

    We had a similar situation with a house we sold last fall. It did not hurt the resale at all. Consult a trusted realtor, but always make your home what you need.

  • In general removing a bedroom will lower the value of the home, since it will change the comps. It will now be compared to 3 bedroom homes rather than 4 bedroom homes when trying to determine the value and price.