Bed in front of window

The only place in my bedroom that the King Bed will fit is in front of a window. The window sill is about even with the top of the bed and the window is a "standard" double-hung window so the bed is wider than the window. Any thoughts of how to build some kind of headboard or headboard/night stand combination that doesn't block the window?
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  • Kcama Kcama on Mar 20, 2016
    Sheer fabric stretched on a pretty molding frame (canvas stretch the fabric on a sturdy wood framework, then top with nice mitered molding). Problem with bed in front of window is the cold air, but you could throw a quilt over it in the winter.

  • William William on Mar 20, 2016
    Mount a decorative curtain rod above the window as wide as the bed and curtains/drapes of your choice bunched on each side of the window. Still have access to the window, but will make the window look much wider than it is. At night the drapes can be pulled to cover the window. I have done this in my granddaughters room and it looks great. Had the same problem of having to put the bed in front of the window.

  • Bobbie Littlefield Bobbie Littlefield on Mar 20, 2016
    I would build a low headboard/side tables all in one piece. Headboard the same height as the window sill, side tables lower. The back piece I would have a built in trough that would house moss, fake flowers, (love daffodils and iris) etc. and an LED lighting strip. That piece would be a few inches from the wall (allowing for window treatments). The window/wall treatment I would have two curtains - extending further than the bed. Sheers (non see thru type) next to the window, Heavier material on top. Both on traverse rods and easy to open the full size of the window light but no further (sheer) and out to the bed edging (heavier). Start with a theme in decorating always (this one is spring, pirates? seaside?), think dimensions, then up lighting, side lighting and down lighting.

  • Sheri N Sheri N on Mar 20, 2016
    Hi Mike! I would look for an Iron Bed for your room. The Iron bed will not be as noticeable as a solid headboard, and would let in a more light. Or you could possibly find a pedestal bed and then you wouldn't need to use your box springs. I've seen some that have the nightstands built in to the unit and it's very attractive, but it's also very modern. Good luck in finding want you want!!

  • Phil Phil on Mar 21, 2016
    Bobbie Littlefield has the perfect idea. I would have suggested the same

  • Rita Rita on Mar 21, 2016
    Hey you might want to Google headboards below window casing, click images. There dozens of ideas. Good luck!

  • KatAych KatAych on Mar 21, 2016
    We have night stands, but we don't use a headboard. We just mounted some wood blocks to the wall, then secured the bed to those so it doesn't move around, but wasn't right up against the wall.

  • Charlotte Wood Eckel Charlotte Wood Eckel on Mar 21, 2016
    An open-work metal headboard would look OK. You can probably find the right size on craigslist and spray paint it whatever color goes best in your room.